Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue it is a psycho-spiritual practice that develops your relationship with the ‘selves’ that make up your personality. These ‘selves’ evolve/mature based on what you learn is acceptable and safe in your family and social experience.

Voice dialogue awakens you to the dynamic relationship between your ‘primary selves’ and ‘disowned selves,’ facilitating greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

You will develop and strengthen an aspect of your consciousness called the ‘Conductor,’ or conscious choice-maker. The ‘Conductor’ embraces/relates to all of the ‘selves’ without judgement or resistance. When we learn to live from the ‘Conductor’ energy, we are able to resolve inner conflicts and get ourselves ‘unstuck’ with greater ease.

It has been my experience that each time I become aware of a new ‘self’, I feel more whole. I would love the opportunity to support your Awakening to your highest potential.

Voice Dialogue sessions are done off the table to allow for a deeper level of engagement between client and facilitator.


All sessions are 60-minutes~ $100

Sessions in Jan & Feb 2019 ate 25% OFF!


I am not currently working with clients. Stay tuned for voice dialogue sessions available on Zoom soon!

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