About Molly

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I intend to hold a space for students and clients to listen to the messages of the body so that they can access the wisdom within. Our bodies have the ability to heal. All of the tools we need for healing are already within us; we just need to learn how to access the tools. Through regular bodywork and a dedicated yoga practice, your awareness and sensitivity increases, so that you can begin to support the areas within that are calling for healing.

I began my healing journey in 2010, when I made the challenging decision to change the direction of my life, follow my intuition, and dive into massage school at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. It was there that I stepped into my own healing process so that I could be a support to others.

In 2014, I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher-training program with Buffy Barfoot. This transformational program supported me in stepping into my truth, strength, and voice.

The marriage of yoga and bodywork is a complete balance. Both practices nurture all aspects of who we are. Through the practice of yoga, we become more aware of the sensations in the body, our thought patterns, and our reactions. Awareness is the foundation on which healing is built. The integration of physical massage, energetic work, and emotional processing into bodywork sessions help clients gain clarity on the root of pain and suffering. Once awareness is established, negative patterns and energy blocks that limit our health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity can be cleared.

Healing sessions are about connecting clients to the energy of love and acceptance that lives within. These healing energies can then be shared with the pain and dis-ease that we experience on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This allows clients to see and feel that healing comes from within…everything you need to heal is already inside of you. Nothing more is needed.

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