Embracing The ALL Of Your Experience In Love

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Embracing The ALL Of Your Experience In Love

Happy Spring! As I write this, I sit in my back yard enjoying all  things Spring- the warm breeze, singing birds, and vibrant colors. I’m excited to announce that baby Robinson is expected to join us in early September! My pregnancy adventure has been filled with many blessings and challenges alike. I’m learning what it means to embrace/love the fear and challenges as much as I embrace/love the joy, excitement and possibility. This practice of embracing the ALL of my experience has been an opportunity for immense self-growth. After all, how I choose to think about and relate to my experience is what I end up feeding myself (and baby)! Pregnant or not, this is something every one of us can relate to. A question we can all ask ourselves in relationship to any life situation is this:

Am I feeding myself love, or am I feeding myself fear?
Am I focusing on the positives (love) or negatives (fear)?
Am I welcoming what life is bringing to me (love) or am I resisting it (fear)?

Am I accepting my experience (love) or am I in judgement of it (fear)?
Am I  staying anchored in the Truth that I am always supported (love) or falling into a doubtful pattern of thinking (fear)?
Am I focusing on what is good and working in my life (love) or am I dwelling on lack (fear)?

When we choose to relate with love, we unite with that which we are relating to rather than separate from it. Where there is separation, there is suffering. Where there is unity, there is ALWAYS peace!

Sending each of you Spring showers of loving support… <3<3<3<3<3<3

Be Well,