Be as a Child to Enter The Kingdom

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Be as a Child to Enter The Kingdom

This picture is such a gem! My nephew, Ronan, is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. He reminds me to connect to my natural state of happiness, joy and innocence. I’m fortunate to get to see him all the time because he’s right here in Denver. I brought this picture to my yoga class and he became the inspiration for our flow. The effortless happiness he is expressing in this picture is our natural state of being, but as we get older we must consciously choose to connect to it. If we don’t DECIDE to be happy, we get caught up in the illusion of being separate from this kind of innocence and lightness. In truth, we are not separate and can never be separated from these qualities that lie within.

Happiness is a decision that is always available to us. We can choose to not allow our happiness to be contingent upon something outside of ourselves. We find ourselves saying, “I’ll be happy when I get this job,” or “I’ll be happy when I find the right partner.” There are no prerequisites to happiness. I feel the happiest when I focus on what is working well in my life rather than focusing on lack. By counting my blessings, especially the little things, I stay in gratitude. Gratitude immediately places us into the energy of lightness. It uplifts our spirits and physically and energetically creates space in the body.

Mindful Exploration:
Practice siting quietly and connecting to all that you are grateful for or writing a gratitude list. Notice the way your body feels. Check in with your breath as you practice gratitude. Likely, the body and breath are open and expansive, and you feel light. Explore what it’s like to breathe in blessing and abundance. If blessing and abundance were colors, what color would they be? Breathe that in.

The process of choosing happiness involves releasing attachment to outcome. When we are attached to the way that something happens in our life, we are living in the future and we stay closed to the unlimited possibilities that are available in our moment to moment experience. The magic lies in this moment, because that is where happiness lives! Perhaps you have heard these words before… “Be as a child to enter The Kingdom.” Approach what life is bringing to you with the innocence of a child. Stay open, curious, and playful with all that arrises. The Kingdom is within you.  Maybe you have a special baby picture that embodies the teaching of happiness and innocence. As you look at the picture, allow yourself to feel the emotions that surface in the body. As you do, know that what you are feeling is not coming from outside of you. The picture is the sufficient condition to activate your natural state of happiness, joy and abundance. That state is The Kingdom that lies within.

“There is nothing worth holding onto that keeps your peace and happiness at a distance.” – The Way of Mastery

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  1. sweetness dear Molly!