Love is in the Present

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Love is in the Present

Earlier this week I was in Patrick Harrington’s class at Kindness and he invited the class to connect to their earliest memory of love. A sweet memory effortlessly bubbled to the surface. I was 4 years old and my Grandma Maggie was holding me in her arms as she rocked me in the rocking chair. I had just found out that I wasn’t invited to a birthday party that all my friends were invited to. I know…but this was honestly one of the very first times that I ever remember feeling emotionally hurt. What was so powerful about this experience was that my Grams didn’t try to fix it. She didn’t try to change anything. She didn’t try to make what I was experiencing go away. I don’t remember her saying anything at all to tell you the truth. She wasn’t DOING anything, she was simply BEING present with me.

This memory is a beautiful reminder that where there is presence, there is Love…and you cannot feel or extend Love anywhere other than in the present moment. When you feel loved by someone, aren’t you feeling that connection because the other person is listening to you? They’re extending a loving presence and allowing you to have your experience without interfering with it by trying fix it for you. Most of the time that’s really all we need from our partners, friends and family members.

In truth, it’s also what we need from ourselves. Could you imagine what it would be like to extend the same loving presence to whatever was surfacing in YOUR body or heart that you would extend to another during their time of suffering? Simply listening and being rather than changing and doing. This has been my practice. I share this not as an expert of any kind, but as a student of Love…constantly learning, growing and expanding this Truth within myself. We want so badly to move away from what doesn’t feel good. We want a quick fix and if we don’t get that we resist, resist, resist. It’s the resistance that makes whatever we’re resisting stick. Presence is the key ingredient in healing because Love cannot be separated from presence…and Love heals all things!

Love the entirety of your experience in this life. Even if that means looking straight into the eyes of your greatest fear or directly into the sadness in your heart. Let yourself feel it, explore it, and understand it with your presence. It’s presence that brings a release, a flow, and a softening so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. After all, no one said this healing stuff would be easy. You can bring an innocent lightness to all that you experience. Through innocence you will watch feelings, emotions and experiences come and go without becoming rigid. You will open yourself up to the truth that the experience you’re having is a piece of the puzzle of your awakening, your healing, and your homecoming.

~Sending gratitude to my Grammy Maggie for this teaching and to Patrick for asking the perfect question to spark this sweet memory!~


  1. So beautiful, so true, so Grandma Maggie❤️
    ‘Being’ loving is her gift!

  2. And gratitude to you, Miss Molly, for this sweet message I could use right about meee-ow. xoxo

  3. Beautiful post Molly!

  4. Thank you for posting this Molly.