BE Your Truth in 2016!

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BE Your Truth in 2016!

Each one of us was put on this planet for one purpose, which is centered around living the Truth of who you are- Love incarnate. We are here to BE Love, to share love, and to express love. The love that I’m talking about is Divine Love. It’s the Love that was birthed from Source and lives in each one of us. Like a sunbeam to the sun, we are not separate (from Source and from one another).

In 2016, I am setting my intention on living this truth. I am witnessing how easily I become distracted by fear. How in just an instant I can be pulled out of alignment with this truth by doubt or worry. Know the feeling? All things are either the expression of love or the expression of fear, and only we can direct our attention towards one or the other. No doubt, both are present and available to us in each moment.

So, I invite you to regularly check in with yourself. Ask, what am I choosing in this moment? The Way of Mastery beautifully shares, “There can be a delight in consciously repeating the decision to teach only Love, selectively choosing only the vibrational patterns to be allowed into your consciousness that reflect the Truth and the beauty and the worthiness of who you are.” The simple awareness that you have disconnected from your truth opens the door to make the choice to realign. Realigning means you embody the Truth of why you are here, which is to live without conflict, in happiness, joy, and fulfillment. As you read these words, your mind might be saying, how can I live like this when I have conflicts at work, and a family member that is sick, and financial problems I’m dealing with? The resistance is showing up as a reminder that there is healing that needs to be done. So, extend the unconditional Love that lives within you to the resistance. It is shouting at you because you have been ignoring it. As you explore working with the healing gift of Love that lives within you, and every one of us on this planet, you will experience a depth of power that’s available to you in every moment.

“Love fulfills all things. Love embraces all things. Love heals all things. Love transforms all things. –The Way of Mastery

If this is striking a cord within and you are interested in exploring this more, come see me for an Integrated Energy Therapy session. These sessions are designed to connect you to your Soul’s purpose and help you clear the blockages that keep you from living your Truth. Learn more about IET HERE.

Mindful Exploration
Sit comfortably and deepen your breath. Allow your breath to unwind any muscular and/or mental tension. With each exhalation, visualize that your body is emptying. Continue to focus on your exhalations and release everything from your body, including all the joints, tissues, and organs. Witness as you become an empty vessel, completely clear and open. Bring your awareness to the crown of your head. With each inhalation, draw in Divine Love through the crown of your head into your body. Flood your body with The Light gifted to you from Source. Know that there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, nothing to strive for. You are simply experiencing the Truth of who you are.


  1. Healing, insight, and choosing to Love all can happen in a state of relaxation. The above breathing exercise is amazing !
    Thanks, Molly. I feel that way every time I’m in a session with you and take it with me when I leave!

  2. Love is the answer.
    the be all and
    the end all
    ours to share with those we love and
    those who love us…………..
    and then some!!!!!!!
    Hugs and much, much love to you and Curt, my darling Molly.
    Thanks for sharing. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox