Surfing the Wave of Life

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Surfing the Wave of Life

Begin to visualize you inner body as a wave. The energy of the emotions, the sensations, and your reactions create the wave inside of you. This wave changes from day to day. Sometimes it feels like a gentle, rolling wave washing up on the shore. Other days it feels like a tidal wave shaking you and uprooting you from your center. What are the qualities of the wave within you today?


In my experience, yoga is like a life raft that keeps me afloat on top of the wave. My dedicated practice has taught me to surf the wave, rather than allow it to crush me. Every yoga pose is like a mini wave that we have the opportunity to practice surfing. The life raft is made from the tools that yoga offers- breath, mindfulness, awareness, patience, trust, balance, compassion, self-love and care, and beyond. When we are in our life raft, we become the observer of the wave. We are connected to it, yet we are not the wave. We move with it on the surface without trying to change it or make it go away. When we’re reacting to and judging the wave, we are getting tossed in the wave and most likely feeling ungrounded. Yoga’s gift is to give us an opportunity to practice the art of surfing the wave in peace and ease.


Through visualizing your energy as a wave and building your life raft, you are connecting to the energies already within you that will bring a sense of ease as you ride the wave of life. Each time you ride out a big wave, you hone your skills and you tackle the next wave with less struggle. Check in with yourself and ask, what supportive energies will help me ride this wave today? Listen to you body and find out what it has to say. We are likely to fall out of our life rafts many times each day. It’s important to climb back into your raft without judgment or criticism for the fact that you fell out! As long as you keep climbing back into the raft, you will eventually spend more time in the raft than out of the raft. Like everything, it takes practice.


When we’re really working through something and the wave starts to get really intense, remember that we’re all made of the same stuff. We’re all riding a wave that when added all together make up a vast ocean. In this way we are never alone. One of my favorite affirmations that supports me in surfing the wave is, “this too shall pass.” Nothing is permanent and if you stay in the life raft, the waters will eventually calm.