Transformation: Choose Your Path to Healing

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Transformation: Choose Your Path to Healing

Have you ever found yourself in a confrontational situation and felt the energy intensify? Have you every made the conscious decision in this type of situation to remove yourself, catch your breath, re-center, and then step back in?

We make these choices all the time in yoga. When a pose becomes challenging and you come up against your edge, you have a choice to make. You can choose to stay in the middle of the experience that the pose is creating by breathing through it, or you can make a conscious choice to remove yourself, recover, reconnect with breath and return in once again. One of yoga’s the greatest offerings is that it gives us an opportunity to explore the balance between compassion and bravery. Both bring incredible amounts of transformative energy. In choosing to back out of a pose when it becomes uncomfortable, we strengthen the muscle of compassion…self-care and love, yet when we choose to stay in the midst of challenge we connect to an incredible amount of bravery and courage that resides within. The key in making the choice that best serves you is AWARENESS.

Awareness is the foundation upon which healing is built. We must first become aware of the need to change or make a shift before we can move forward with it. The only place where awareness lives is in the present moment and the only place the body lives is in the present moment. By submerging your awareness into the body, you have the ability to listen to its wisdom and offer it exactly what’s best in each moment. Every moment is different and every person’s experience in each pose is different. This is where you get to choose compassion and honor what your body is asking for without judgment or criticism.

Once awareness in the body is established, we may make a conscious choice to dig deep for more bravery and venture into the unknown.

Awareness + Unknown = TRANSFORMATION

If we always choose to remove ourselves from challenge, whether on or off the mat, we cannot move forward. The space between your edge and transformation is the unknown. When we choose to breath through the unknown and draw in bravery and trust, our experience with the unknown becomes one of ease, hope and positivity.

Completely balancing bravery & courage, we have…

Awareness + self-care/love = TRANSFORMATION

If we always choose to stay in the midst of challenge, even when our bodies are telling us to back away, we create a struggle. This struggle can manifest as tension in the body, breath, or mind. If we are unable to release the struggle through breath, we have a beautiful opportunity to heal ourselves through self-love and care by backing out to clear away the energy of struggle and returning with more clarity.

The beauty of all of this is that you find bravery in compassion and compassion in bravery…the two are not separate. We live in a world where doing is greatly valued, so it can be difficult to step away from a project or situation, especially without finding judgment or criticism waiting for you on the other side. It can take an immense amount of bravery to choose compassion by taking care of YOU. Likewise, when we are in the center of challenge, on the mat or off, we are typically in some form of unknown territory. The way that we choose to relate to the unknown will create our experience. When you choose to wrap the experience in compassion and love, you choose the route of healing, trust, positivity and hope.

May each one of you reading this connect more deeply to the bravery and compassion that live within, and may their energy’s shine on your life experiences.